Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Training Two "Oldies but Goodies!"

Entering the MTC on Monday, August 8th was an eye-opening event.  Try eating lunch with 2,867 starving 18 and 19 year old teenagers who just left home! The fare was delicious and all-you-can-eat, and we did.   Fun times and very inspirational training for us last week!  We learned all about Preach My Gospel  lessons and how to invite people from all stations of life to come unto Christ.  On Tuesday evening, we were privileged to hear Elder Neil A. Andersen, an apostle, address us live as it was piped to the 15 Missionary Training Centers worldwide!  The choir of 2,000 young missionaries truly were the voices of angels.  We made lots of friends as we worked in small "districts" to learn the material and role play to deepen the experience.  Are we ready?  Well, we had wedged into 5 days what the "juniors"  cover in 3 weeks.  Yes, we probably just know enough to wet our whistles, and the days flew by.
David's "dress blues" spiffy him up nicely! 
Sunday evening we returned to the MTC for the last time to meet with our specific Self-Reliance Missionary couples.  There are only 6 of us---going to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Guyana, Trinidad, Fiji, France, Melbourne, and us to Brisbane!  We were well taught as to how we can help all people who need to improve their lives---anything from needing tutoring, help in school, up to learning English, getting into College and finding work through other avenues!  Truly great principles at work to change lives. Monday through Wed. we're finishing our training at the Church Office Building---in the top 26th floor overlooking Salt Lake City!  Thurs. the 18th it's off to Los Angeles, then a very LONG 15-hour flight directly to Brisbane.  Strange it will be to take off on Thurs., the 18th and not arrive until Saturday, the 20th!  And "losing" 16 hours will be like living in the future while in Australia!  We love you all, miss you already, and want to share this exciting time in our lives with you.     Always,  Elder and Sister Yates, Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandpa, David and Marsha-- or whatever you think of us as!!


Training underway and nearing completion.  We are setting off for the "Prisoner Island" in a couple of days.  This is a test of our Faith and Computer Skills.

Love you all-
The Yates
My smiley face greeting at the Church Office Bldg for Training.

Saying goodbye to Grandson Spencer who is headed to St. George for his Senior Year.